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We are passionately working towards creating exquisite bespoke jewellery for you, our customers. Customized according to your budget and taste without compromising on the craftsmanship and quality. C for diamonds demystifies the concept of jewellery retail pricing, aiming to make the experience transparent and easy.


Frequently asked Questions

Q1. Why “C for Diamonds?”

  1. Carbon (C) under heavy pressure and temperature turns into diamonds.
  2. Diamond are mainly determined by four C’s (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat)

Q2. What is the difference between natural and lab grown diamonds?

            Natural Diamonds and Lab grown diamonds are both identical in nature and appearance, the only difference being one is naturally mined while the other is a result of chemical processes in the laboratory.

Q3. Why Us?

  1. We customize everything to the T. Design or budget everything is catered to specifically for you
  2. We eliminate middlemen
  3. Excellent craftsmanship
  4. No retail costs
  5. Full transparency
  6. Unmatched Prices

 Q4. Are Lab Grown Diamonds cheaper than Natural?

       Lab grown diamonds are generally 50-60% cheaper for comparable sizes. The quality of lab grown diamonds tends to be slightly better, considering its controlled and monitored.

 Q5. Do you provide any sort of certification? If yes, is it for both natural and lab grown?

     Every piece has a BIS Hallmark and is certified by either the GIA or the IGI laboratory

 Q6. How Long does it take to deliver a jewellery piece?

     Depending on the intricacy of the work, the specially designed piece for you can take between 2 weeks to 2 months. If you have a specific timeline in mind, then we can work around it.


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